What is web hosting?

When a website is ready for public presentation on the Internet, it needs a “house” – a hosting server in order to be able to be accessed 24 hours a day. This is done by uploading website on a web server of a web hosting service provider that rents you space enabling a quick and safe access to your website. Web hosting servers recommended by ANTICFORMA are reliable and include packages that ensure a regular backup, certain protection measures, while at the same time guarantee fast access to your new website. Our recommendation refers to several hosting providers listed below:

What is domain name?

A domain name is a unique name that represents the website. It consists of two parts that follow after the designation www – short for word wide web or system of interconnected hyperlinked documents located on the Internet. www can be omitted and the domain name can immediately follow the hyper text transfer protocol marked as http:// or https:// but in that case website administrator must instruct search engines of the preferred domain name – with or without www. The name of our domain is anticforma.ca. The first part is the chosen name (this name must be unique – usually the name of your company, organization, institution, etc.) and the other part is a general indication of domain kind. In addition to .ca domains there are many other domains such as com, org, info, tv, edu, ca, net etc. For instance the domain .ca stands for Canada and identifies the country code, top-level domain for the state of Canada.

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