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Web design and development agency ANTICFORMA develops professional websites. By using modern technologies and constant monitoring of world trends in web design and development, we have gained the trust of many customers from Canada and abroad.

About us

Customer friendly service

Providing service to our clients is our top priority. Everything we do serves that purpose directly or indirectly. We respect our customers, understand their needs and desires. Every happy and satisfied client is a turning point for ANTICFORMA.

About us
We are a team of digital experts

What can you expect:

Integrity and honesty

We are honest with the client, ourselves, and with the people we interact with. We adhere to the highest level of professionalism in all our efforts.


Our clients deserve the best. At ANTICFORMA, we believe that every website design should be unique and aesthetically more appealing than the competition.


We try our best to accommodate the needs and circumstances of the clients, and do our best to meet their expectations, in terms of budget, time and quality.


Other’s Can’t Compete: Most websites are made by web designers who are missing all other expertises. It is very hard for one person to focus on all elements of a successful website. We have a team of experts ready to provide you expertise 16 hours a day.


Each project is assigned to the following team professionals:

  • Marketing Specialist - We discover the potential of your market, research your competition and find the best marketing strategy for your market creating the right message that transforms your website visitors into your customers.
  • Creative Graphic Designer – An online artist tasked with creating an outstanding design that will bring clients right to your door.
  • Copy Writer – Let us help you prepare your website copy with easy to read and understand messages to multiply the effect of excellent marketing.
  • Web Programmer – We focus our programming efforts on fast loading, easy navigation and optimal functionality of your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist - We want to see you at the top. Having a good website without good SEO is just like having a super market in the desert. Until roads are made and highways are signposted, nothing will happen.
  • Video Specialist - Commercial Editor. Video is a very powerful tool to send audio / visual messages to your customers by activating multiple senses. When you start watching a video, you rarely stop until the video is over. It is the most powerful tool to maintain attention and influence a buying decision.
  • Graphic Designer - Creates a corporate identity for your company - logo, brochure, business cards, letterhead.
Our testimonials

What others say about us

We have been working with ANTICFORMA for several years and are we very pleased with their work, quickness of their response to our requests and professional service. ANTICFORMA is a trusted agency you can rely on.

John Taylor
CEO and Owner – “MrQuickPick”

I recently started a collaboration with ANTICFORMA. For me they have done programming services with great professionalism and dedication! I really love working with ANTICFORMA. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a website.

Software developer

We have been working with ANTICFORMA for 5 years. At the beginning we were impressed with the professionalism and the speed of their service and now we are used to it. They have been successfully running Google Ads campaigns for us! ”

CEO and Owner – “Rollodoors”

I really needed to share my impression of working with ANTICFORMA. Alexander, the owner, is definitely the most dedicated person I've ever worked with. If you plan on getting a website I would definitely recommend them.

Dog breeder