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How much do you charge for website maintenance?

The most frequently asked question of interest by our clients upon completion of their website is what the cost of maintaining their new website is. A website maintenance means that the website is kept in the exact state in which it had been delivered to the client until the client executes the renewal of the website registration, which is done once a year. We guarantee the stability and functionality of every website we create. The price of a website we deliver includes installation of security features that prevent access to unauthorized person or a hacker, and a daily backup of the website. So to summarize – the maintenance of a website is FREE of charge.

HappinessIf our client after the completion of the website is in need of updating the website in the form of adding blog posts, new offers or similar, once a week, this service is FREE within the first 6 months after completion of the website. After that period the price for website updates is determined on the basis of an agreement with the client – in most cases is 12$ per hour.

If a client has a need for adding new functional elements to the website such as additional language, forum, web shop or anything new in relation to the elements previously agreed the developing price is 12$ per hour.

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