Which website platform to choose?

Many of our clients are unsure which platform to use to for their new website. This is a natural and logic question so we will try to help you decide what would be the best solution for your business.

Let us choose the best website platform for your business or service

What are your plans when the website is finished?

First question to ask yourself is – “What are your plans when the website is finished?” If you plan on updating your website frequently you should probably go with a CMS (Content Management System).  By having a back end access you will be able to update and change information on your website frequently, easily, and with no programming skills. Website content can be updated on a custom coded website of course, but in that case information is updated by a more experienced web programmer who updates website’s content by using a code editor. The main reason CMS websites were developed in the first place is to help less experienced users to easily change and update information on their website. There are so many tutorials on the web about how to manage a WordPress or Joomla website, or Shopify online store, or any other content management system. Some of our clients were aimed toward learning WordPress and Joomla skills and we were happy to help them by providing video tutorials and writing help documents containing detailed instructions and screenshots.

However one would say – “Why would I then create a custom coded website since it doesn’t have a back end for updating and management?” The first and the most important advantage of custom coded websites over CMS websites is loading time or speed of opening which is very short i.e. very fast. CMS websites are usually coded robustly and contain hundreds of folders and thousands of files and thus require certain time to load. On contrary, a custom coded website can be developed and optimized to load in a matter of a second. There was a study conducted that says – “If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you could be losing nearly half of your visitors!” This statement emphasizes the importance of having a well coded website that loads fast!

Also, in our experience we can say that custom coded websites provide higher security because intruders are usually aimed towards Open Source software such as WordPress or Joomla. The code used to develop a custom coded website is not available to them so they cannot understand it and change it.

For those who desire both key features – back end access in one hand and a fast loading website in the other, and yet have something to sell online, a perfect solution would be a Shopify Online Store. It has a comprehensive and very easy to use back end. Most of the options are self explanatory so you, as potential store manager, can understand all of the options within the back end interface and successfully manage your store. Shopify is a classical example of an intuitive and easy to use back end interface. There is an option to custom code your online store if you plan to dig deeper into it. Finally, you don’t have to worry about a hosting server and maintenance of your online store because it is all taken care by Shopify.

Every website platform or website development technique has its advantages or disadvantages and may give you a headache when deciding about which one to choose but that is why we are here for you. Let us lead you towards the best solution for your business or service and you will not regret it.

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